AE107 SmartWave Communicator Package


AE107 Smartwave Package

The whole package includes: AE107 Smart-Wave Communicator Console, Transmitter of choice, Phone Jack, and Transformer. Altogether packaged in a custom formed to fit foam insert for ease of shipping. learn more about the AE107

NC1000F Nurse Call / Remote Alarm

NC1000F Nurse Call

The NC-1000F is a remote annunciator or nurse call system. It is the 902L two-channel receiver with a self-contained sounding device, a power reset button, and a low battery indicator. The relay outputs for each channel are available for activation of devices such as voice dialers or nurse call systems. learn more about the NC-1000F

DW101A Door/Window Transmitter

DW101A Door/Window Transmitter

The DW-101A is primarily designed for monitoring doors and windows and any detector device having normally open or normally closed contacts or a voltage output which switches between 0 and 9 Volts minimum. learn more about the DW-101A

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Alarm Electronics has designed and built high quality, state of the art transmitters and receivers for homes and offices in the United States and around the globe. Combining an interest in the human side of alarms and security systems with modern robotics, exacting standards and the latest electronic circuitry, Alarm Electronics has continually anticipated the ever-growing need for effective security and assistance systems.

Our Receivers

Alarm Electronics receivers are available in a variety of styles, easy to program, and reliable use. Our receiver catalog consists of the following: Single Channel Extended Range Receivers, 2 and 4 Channel, Data Out Only, Single Channel Standard Range, 6 Channel Decoder. Click the following link to visit our Receivers page.

Our Transmitters

Alarm Electronics transmitters are available in a variety of styles, these very small and attractive transmitters enhance any security system. With long-life lithium batteries and a water-tight design, these Smart-Wave transmitters are maintenance free, easy to operate and convenient. Click the following link to visit our Transmitters page.

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