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Nurse Call

The NC-1000F is a remote annunciator or nurse call system. It is the 902L two-channel receiver with a self-contained sounding device, a power reset button, and a low battery indicator. The relay outputs for each channel are available for activation of devices such as voice dialers or nurse call systems.

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NC-1000F Nurse Call / Remote Alarm

Typical Applications

Retrofitting existing nurse call systems to wireless.
Activate voice dialers or security system.
Entry door annunciator using DW101A door transmitter.
Local annunciator to summon assistance.

How it works...

The NC-1000F receiver has a power reset button and a piezo buzzer which activates coincident with the channel 1 relay. When channel 1 is programmed to latch, the buzzer will sound until the unit is reset using the power reset button. If it is desired that the buzzer not activate the output can be programmed to channel 2 only. If it is desired that the buzzer only activate for a short time, the NC-1000F may be programmed accordingly.


The unit can be programmed to any of the modes described in the 902L setup (Momentary, Latching, On/Off and non-polled supervision of DW101A). The low battery indicator is a red LED on the front of the unit. The NC-1000F monitors the status of any Smart-Wave transmitter which activates the unit and if the transmitter battery is low the LED will activate. The operation of the low battery functions depends on the switch 1 and switch 2 settings after programming is complete.

The NC-1000F is supplied with a wall plug-in power supply.


The NC-1000F is compatible with all Alarm Electronics transmitters including: Pendants, Wrists and Door / Window transmitters.

Please note that transmitters not produced by Alarm Electronics are not guaranteed to work, and are not covered under warranty.