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Combining an interest in alarms and security systems with
modern robotics, exacting standards and the latest electronic circuitry.
Alarm Electronics has continually anticipated the ever-growing need for
effective security and assistance systems.

Pendant Transmitter


Personal Smart-Wave transmitters are designed for convenience and ease of operation. Available with pendant chain, key ring, bow pin, or pocket clip they are compatible with all of the Personal Smart-Wave receivers and decoders. When activated the transmitters send an encoded signal to the receiver. Compatible with all Alarm Electronics receiver models.

811LX Receiver


Our Receivers are available in a variety of styles, easy to program, and reliable use. Pairing to our transmitters is quick and easy. All receivers and transmitters are compatible with each other.

NC1000F Receiver

Nurse Call

The NC-1000F is a remote annunciator or nurse call system. The NC-1000F is a two-channel receiver with a self-contained sounding device, a power reset button, and a low battery indicator. The relay outputs for each channel are available for activation of devices such as voice dialers or nurse call systems. You may connect up to 30 transmitters with this unit.

Technical Support

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