AE107 Smartwave

This model is now DISCONTINUED

AE107 Smartwave Package

People everywhere cherish freedom. We want to be able to enjoy our pursuits, and we want to feel secure and safe as we go about our lives.

Now you can be free even when living independently. With the Smartwave Communicator and portable transmitter you can summon the emergency help you need with the touch of a fingertip.

AE107 Smartwave Communicator

**This model is now DISCONTINUED**

The Full Package Includes:

  • AE107 Smartwave Communicator Console, Transmitter of choice, Phone Jack, and Transformer. Altogether packaged in a custom formed to fit foam insert for ease of shipping.

To view general information concerning the AE107 Smart-Wave Communicator click the following PDF link: AE107 user information

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  • AE107 (Smartwave Communicator)

How it Works...

The touch of a button on the portable emergency button activates the Smartwave Communicator from a typical range of 250 feet away. The Communicator then automatically dials the telephone and connects to the emergency response center. A trained professional emergency operator is then able to both talk with you and hear you through the Smartwave communicator console.

The operator can assist in determining the help you need and contact them for you whether it is paramedics, fire department or your family or neighbor. If for some reason you cannot talk with the operator, the operator will dispatch the appropriate party to respond to your address.

AE107 Warranty Information

Alarm Electronics products including the AE107 system are warranted for operation only with transmitters manufactured and supplied by Alarm Electronics Mfg. Co., Inc. and are not warranted with transmitters manufactured by and other party. The AE107 ETL listing to UL1635/1637 is valid only for transmitters manufactured by Alarm Electronics Mfg. Co., Inc. and tested by ETL as part of the listing process and is not valid when used with any other transmitters. The AE107 system is registered with the FDA as a Medical Device. Marketing of the system with transmitters other than those manufactured by Alarm Electronics Mfg. Co., Inc. constitutes an unauthorized modification of the Medical Device.

Alarm Electronics Mfg. Co., Inc. has not and does not authorize the use of transmitters with the AE107 other than those manufactured by Alarm Electronics Mfg. Co., Inc. Any parties who may have been supplied AE107 systems with transmitters which are not manufactured by Alarm Electronics Mfg. Co., Inc. should note that Alarm Electronics Mfg. Co., Inc. can make NO assurance that the system will operate properly, that the ETL listing for the system is void, and the use of the third party transmitters is a modification to the registered medical device which is not authorized by Alarm Electronics Mfg. Co., Inc.

Transmitters Packaged with the AE107

Alarm Electronics transmitters are available in a variety of styles. These very small and attractive transmitters enhance any security system. With long-life lithium batteries and a water-tight design, these Smart-Wave transmitters are maintenence free, easy to operate and convenient. Wear Smart-Wave transmitters on the wrist and get the same reliable maintenance free service. The WW-101 series is available in black or white with stylish bands; also fit standard 11/16" commercial bands.

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