AE107 Smartwave Package

Alarm Electronics transmitters are available in a variety of styles. These very small and attractive transmitters enhance any security system. With long-life lithium batteries and a water-tight design, these Smart-Wave transmitters are maintenence free easy to operate and convenient. For technical information and specifications visit the Transmitter Tech page.

Transmitter Accessories

Accessorize Alarm Electronics transmitters with these products that change the look and usefulness of the Smart-Wave transmitters. Available with pendant chain, key ring, bow pin, or pocket clip they are compatible with all of the Personal Smart-Wave receivers and decoders.

Use the part no.'s below when making purchase orders to Alarm Electronics. Please see the Sales page for terms.

  • BND-SS (White Stainless Steel Flex Band)
  • BND-WPLS (White, Waterproof Band)
  • BND-BPLS (Black, Waterproof Band)
  • BND-PINS (Watch Pins, Pkg of 100)
  • PD-PLBC (Pendant, Plastic Beaded Chain)
  • GBP-600 (Gold Bow Pin)