AE107 Smartwave Package

Our Receivers are available in a variety of styles, easy to program, and reliable use. Our receiver catalog consists of the following: Single Channel Extended Range Receivers, 2 and 4 Channel, Data Out Only, Single Channel Standard Range, 6 Channel Decoder.

800LXA Data Out Only

The 800LXA is a superheterodyne receiver with a helical resonator antenna pre filter. The 800LXA output is data only for use with the 601A (6CHAN-1) Six channel decoders or with OEM systems where data decoding is built into the system and receiver decoding of outputs is not needed.

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  • 800LXA (Data Out Only)



  • 800LXA 12-15VDC
  • 800LXA5 5V +/-.1V
  • Current

  • 12ma typical
  • Data output high 4.5v typical
  • Data output low 0.2v typical
  • Data Source Impedance 3.3k
  • Wiring

  • Red (+) power
  • Black (-) power
  • Black (-) power
  • Blue Data output

The 800LXA is supplied with a type "F" connector for antenna input and extra hardware to allow the unit to be mounted in a security panel or enclosure. The antenna is supplied as a vertical whip with a corresponding type "F" connector.


The 800LX is our most economical receiver for use with the 601A/6CHAN-1 decoder. It may be mounted in a receiver panel as long as the reciever panel/processors do not generate a large amoutn of radio interference. Mounting the 800LX is as easy as makeing a 3/8” hole in the panel top to accommodate the antenna connector. Hardware is supplied with the receiver. The result is a professional looking/wireless control. The 800LX can drive several six channel decoders allowing of a typical wired panel to to be converted into a non-polled, supervised wireless system.

To be used with: 601A 6 channel decoder