AE107 Smartwave Package

Our Receivers are available in a variety of styles, easy to program, and reliable use. Our receiver catalog consists of the following: Single Channel Extended Range Receivers, 2 and 4 Channel, Data Out Only, Single Channel Standard Range, 6 Channel Decoder.

601A Six Channel Decoder

The 6-CHAN-1 is a multi-channel decoder/zone expander for use with the Model 809EX receiver and associated transmitters. There are six individual channel outputs and each channel can be individually programmed to work with multiple transmitters. The output of each channel tracks the “ALARM” and “RESTORE” condition of each transmitter programmed for that channel. An alarm output is generated if any transmitter assigned to that channel is in the “ALARM” condition. The alarm output is removed (restored) only after each and every transmitter assigned to that channel has transmitted a “RESTORE” condition.

Transmitters (such as the WW-101, PD-102, etc.) that send only a "RESTORE" will output a momentary alarm condition (alarm only as long as the transmitter is activated).

If the transmitter transmitts “LOW BATTERY” condition an alarm condition (momentary) is generated on the low battery output line during the time the transmitter is active. Each channel may be cleared and reprogrammed separately without affecting the others. Any transmitter may be moved from one channel to another without clearing the channel(s).

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  • 601A (Six Channel Decoder)


  • Operating Voltage - (8-18)VDC
  • Operating Current - 4 ma
  • Inputs - "DATA IN" from receiver(s)
  • Cable Distance from receiver(s) - 75ft. max
  • Outputs - 6 channel outputs/1 low battery
  • Max Decoder per Receiver - 20
  • Size - 2.25" x 3" PCB
  • Output Wiring - 12 pin connector
  • Cable Supplied - 22ga 10" length

Wire Color Chart

  • Brown - Channel Output
  • White/Red - Channel 2 Output
  • Orange - Channel 3 Output
  • Yellow - Channel 4 Output
  • Green - Channel 5 Output
  • Blue - Channel 6 Output
  • Violet - Low Battery Output
  • Grey - Data In - Channels 1-3
  • White - Data In - Channels 4-6
  • Black - Power (-) Ground
  • Red - Power (+) 8-12 VDC


Connect the power to the red and black wires. (The (-) ground must be the same as the 809EX receiver (-). Connect the blue wire of the 809EX receiver to the grey and/or white wires. The channels are separated into two groups of three (channels 1-3 and channels 4-6). Each group has a separate “DATA IN” input and can be operated from the same or different 809EX receivers.

Power Reset

Turn power from OFF to ON. All alarm outputs are cleared (reset).

1. To clear any channel memory, do a power reset while holding the program button for that channel.

2. To clear all transmitters from memory on a group (1-3 or 4-6), hold any two buttons in the group and do a power reset.

3. To program a transmitter to operate a channel, hold the button for the selected channel at the same time the transmitter is activated.

4. To move the already programmed transmitter to a different channel in the same group, press the new selected channel button at the same time the transmitter is activated. The transmitter will be re-assigned to the new channel. The same transmitter may activate two channels (one in each group).


Solid state switch to (-) ground.-120 ohm

Compatible with All Smart-Wave Transmitters